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Why more and more elevator adopting DDW wall mounted advertising display?

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Author : ddwadmin
Update time : 2018-12-05 10:59:00


Introduction: DDW wall mounted advertising display adopting Samsung LG original panel, favored by customers all over the world. There are many buildings now use DDW wall mounted advertising display in the elevator.


Wall mount advertising display features:

  • Size: 22″, 26″, 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 70″, 75″, 86″, 98″ and more sizes are available;

  • Black, white and different Color can be customized;

  • More modules can be customized, such as fingerprint identification, keyboard, wifi, bluetooth, SOS alarm module and card reader functions;

  • Suitable for elevator, fast-food restaurant, coffee shop and Retail store, etc;

  • i3 i5 i7 industrial computer, standalone version can be available;

  • Driver and SDK: Windows, Linux, Windows/Linux, Android, Ios(optional);

  • Accessories: power supply, adapter cable for power supply, paper roll holder, device kit(optional).


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