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OLED signage cases
Cool subway transparent OLED display
The project is a subway project, the subway is newly designed, real-time broadcast of facts, and you know the weather well. This project uses a transparent OLED vertical advertising machine with ultra-high light transmittance. You can see the outside affairs while watching information. OLED embodies its characteristics as thin as a cicada-wing on the subway. The thinnest part of OLED is only 1mm.
The OLED vertical advertising machine has ultra-fast response time, ultra-clear image quality and color, built-in positioning function, and intelligent voice reminder when arriving at the station, which reduces the worry of making the wrong station. Let you enjoy watching popular places nearby on the subway.
The OLED display produced by Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd, Ltd. is suitable for various scenarios to meet your needs and bring you a different visual feast.
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